A&K’s Dixie Girl of WW (Dixie)

A&K’s Dixie Girl of WW (Dixie)

  • Owner: Kelsey jauregui

A&K's Dixie Girl of WW




Genetic Tested through Gensol


Dixie is a very structured and loving Aussie. She has a sound mind and stays focused on the job at hand. She loves to work but is also able to be content laying on the porch watching life happen. She is very gentle with kids and small and young animals yet can pull out the big guns when needed and shows great drive.

Her puppies are very insightful, intiligent, playful, happy, versatile dogs. Dixie is a wonderful mom to her pups. She is great at gently teaching them to respect space and boundaries and also loves to roll around with them and play.